VMS Double Badged AA APPROVED Contractor
Oct 5th, 2020 - 2 mins read

VMS Double Badged AA APPROVED Contractor

VMS has been awarded full Arb Association Approved Contractor Status of the utility scheme, 3 years, and we have achieved double AA Accreditations, like so many others we have built up from ground level, with hard work and team determination we have been awarded both amenity & utility badges.  The process has been a challenge to achieve this accreditation in such a short time, but in our opinion the project has been extremely rewarding, instructive and worth it.

“Our aim is to deliver the highest reputation within our industry, to strive and deliver the highest knowledge, professionalism and best work practices in both the public and private sector. At VMS we found the process to be a natural company progression we believe it will help us to build on our existing reputation and achieve further growth”

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The assessment process involves four areas of examination, including worksite safety

inspections, work quality inspections and Arboricultural knowledge, customer care and office

procedures, as well as health and safety management and workplace inspections.

Clients can be confident they will receive expert and objective advice from our consultants bound by rigorous codes of ethics and professional conduct that recognises high standards of tree works in the rail, waterways, and construction sectors. Our managers have been assessed and accredited by the nation’s leading Arboricultural organisation.

Get to know the team…

With over 20 years’ experience working with trees, Steven Procter ‘Technical Arboriculture Member’ been working in Arboriculture providing expert tree advice to businesses & landowners.  His commitment to the industry has given him extensive tree management experience covering all areas of Tree Preservation. He also has a wealth of knowledge and passion for ecology and biodiversity, fostered during his whole career in arboriculture.

Matt Graham has also over 20 years of experience and his infinite knowledge in the field of tree consultancy, is well promoted by VMS as establishing one of the highest levels of tree knowledge in the field and holds a foundation degree in Arboriculture. Matt is already a professional member of the Arboricultural Association, and recently became a member of the Utility Arb Group (UAG).


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