STORM Season is approaching
Oct 5th, 2020 - < 1 min read

STORM Season is approaching

STORM Season is approaching and at VMS we are gearing up to help assist wherever we can.

At VMS we have a highly skilled & trained arborists and grounds maintenance team with underpinning knowledge required to deal with emergency tree works & flood defence emergencies including legislative requirements, risk assessing and emergency planning in the Northampton & surrounding area.

Emergency Contact – Available 24/7

TEL 01933 428 568

As soon as we have secured any immediate hazards, we will conduct a professional assessment of the tree and plan on the most appropriate course of action. If necessary, we will call in heavy lifting machinery and transport to remove any tree that is blocking access, working swiftly to minimise any disruption to traffic and pedestrians.

Where appropriate we will undertake remedial work on trees that have not been felled but have sustained damage. This may involve taking out unsafe branches for example, although in some situation it will be necessary to remove the tree altogether.

We will undertake a comprehensive inspection of the tree to ensure it is safe before we leave the site. Our know-how as qualified tree surgeons means that we can identify signs of decay and disease which may have led to the weakness in the tree in the first place, in which case we will make recommendations as to the safest course of action.

In all cases of emergency tree work we will leave the site clear and safe.